November 06, 2023

Year 11 Post-16 Event

We want to thank all the colleges and organisations that joined us for our recent Year 11 Post-16 event. They shared valuable insights about Post-16 course options. This event was a fantastic opportunity for our Year 11 students and their parents to learn more about their future choices, from careers in Medicine to T levels.

Mr. Lee Flanagan, our Careers Advisor, summed up the key points:

  1. Event booklets can be found in the library's careers corner.
  2. Explore new prospectuses from different colleges/sixth forms available in the library.
  3. Attend as many college/sixth form open days as possible.
  4. Remember that getting into college/sixth form is competitive, so ensure your Post-16 application is professional.

If you still need advice or have questions, feel free to email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with him.