Free School Meals

One in five students in England are entitled to a free school meal. On average a family with 2 children spends over £600 per school year on school meals so it’s well worth checking out your entitlement.

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?

Your child may be able to get free school meals if you get any of the following:

Children who get paid these benefits directly, instead of through a parent or guardian, can also get free school meals.

If you think your child may be eligible, please visit the Leicester City Council Free school meals website page or click on the link below to apply on line. You will need to have your National Insurance number to hand.

If your application is successful, the school will then be informed.

Even if you don’t want the free school meals we would still encourage you to apply. The more children in school who are entitled to free school meals, the more funding the school will get – this will benefit all Judgemeadow students. for more information you can view this Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you have any queries please contact: