Achievement and Attendance

Research has shown that achievement is directly linked to attendance. Students with a high level of attendance invariably perform better in class and in examinations.

Attend Regularly - and on time!

    • Your attendance will affect your GCSE grades. The better your attendance, the better you will do.
    • Attendance data also forms part of the College’s reference requested by Sixth Form and Further Education Colleges when considering students for places.
    • Your GCSE qualifications will affect the amount of money you can earn as an adult. The more qualifications you have the more you are likely to earn.


Attendance Impact graph

This graph shows the impact high attendance has on exam success and consequently on future career choices.



Provisions since September 2013

The law in relation to school attendance.  Since September 2013 schools are not allowed to grant leave of absence for holidays, and we shall no longer have ‘leave of absence’ request forms.

The Principal will grant leave of absence only in exceptional circumstances.

Parents and carers should write to the Principal or make an appointment to see her if they are requesting leave for this reason.


Leave of absence

Since the 1st September 2013, the reference in law to Head teachers/Principals being able (at their discretion) to agree up to 10 days of leave of absence will be removed.  Instead, the legal reference will be amended. This will mean that schools should not authorise leave of absence unless:

To request for student absence, please download the Request for Student Absence Form.


unauthorised absence

Where there is unauthorised absence, Penalty Notices will be issued. The law with regard to Penalty Notices is also changing as follows:

The periods during which a Penalty Notice should be paid are shortening.  For unauthorised absence the amount of the penalty to be paid will be:

Where a Penalty Notice remains unpaid, legal action will be pursued by the Local Authority.

Parents also face prosecution in the Magistrates' Court; a fine of up to £2,500 or a community penalty could be imposed together with a Parenting Order. A criminal record will then exist for the parent.

Judgemeadow Community College will no longer have holiday request forms. If there is ever an exceptional reason why your child needs to have leave of absence, you will need to write to me or make an appointment to meet to explain the reason for your request. I shall write back to you with my decision.

If you are concerned about your child’s school attendance it is always best to talk to the school first.


If your child is not in school


Pupils with good attendance