COVID Update

Following on from rising Covid rates the Government has asked that face masks be reintroduced in all secondary schools for students and staff in communal areas. This is a sensible way to help keep students, staff and our wider community safe from Covid this winter.

Therefore, with immediate effect, we are requesting that all students (except those with a medical exemption) wear a face mask when travelling on school transport, in communal spaces and when queueing indoors for food.
Please remember to continue to perform a lateral flow test twice weekly.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our local communities healthy and safe.

The 5Rs

At Judgemeadow we want everyone to enjoy learning. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and do their best here.

Students are asked to remember the 5Rs to help create an environment where everyone can learn, and to support their own learning and progress.



When you are reflective you

    • take time to think about your work
    • consider how you could improve your work
    • think how you could take up more opportunities offered
    • use level guidance to see how to improve
    • set yourself targets to help you progress
    • Read teacher comments and act on them



When you are resilient you

    • keep trying even when it is difficult
    • constantly aim high
    • try to overcome obstacles to your learning
    • work hard to understand things that are beyond your usual level/grade
    • are persistent
    • are determined to succeed
    • show commitment to your learning



When you are resourceful you

    • think creatively about your learning
    • find imaginative ways to tackle a problem or task
    • find ways of revising that help you understand and remember
    • look for alternative ways to achieve what you are aiming for
    • find someone to help you
    • use other resources like books or the Internet to get more information



When you are respectful you

    • listen to what people say without interrupting
    • are courteous when asked to do something
    • accept that other people are entitled to have different views from you
    • are polite, using please and thank you when appropriate
    • make sure you do not interrupt other people’s learning
    • follow staff instructions



When you are responsible you

    • are ready to learn in all lessons
    • take charge of your own actions
    • rely on yourself to remember things
    • make sure you have all your equipment
    • use your planner to help you be organised
    • arrive at lessons on time
    • meet deadlines
    • consider how your behaviour affects other people’s learning