We would be delighted for your child to attend our College.


In Leicester, an application for a place at a secondary school must be made to the local authority.

For any Year 7 admission queries (including application forms) please click here to visit Leicester City Council's school admissions page or telephone 0116 454 1009. If your child wishes to transfer to Judgemeadow please click here to visit the Leicester City Council in-year admissions page.

We welcome applications from students across the city and county, indeed we have a significant number of applications from outside the catchment area. It is important to stress that whilst Judgemeadow is an academy, we have commissioned Leicester City Council to manage and administer the application and appeals process.


Parents can apply for a place by using the online admissions system (paper forms on request) on the local Council website shown below:

Leicester City Council admissions can be contacted by telephone on 0116 454 1009 (Option 1)or via email: [email protected]

  • Using the ‘find schools’ search you can find the catchment maps for schools and a list of schools within your local area. The admissions sites also provide plenty of information on the application process.
  • Closing date for transfer applications for September intake is 31 October.
  • Results for the following year’s transfers will be made available at the beginning of March. To get your results, sign onto ‘Online Admissions’ using your username and password which you made with the application, then click on the results link.
  • If your child has been refused a place in the school you have applied to, you have the right to appeal against this decision. Information regarding appeals, including the appeals timetable, can be found on the city website here.

The admission arrangements for this college are managed by Leicester City Education and Children’s Services Department based at: 

School Admissions Service,
Customer Service Centre, 
York House,
91 Granby Street,

Website: school-admissions
Telephone: (0116) 454 1009
Email: [email protected]


For information regarding appeals, including the admissions timetable, please see the information on the City Council website here.


The City Admissions Policy, which applies to Judgemeadow, can be found here:

Pupil Admission Number (PAN)

The Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for Judgemeadow is set as follows:

YEAR GROUP admission number autumn 2024
Year 7 240
Year 8 180 (operational capacity)
Year 9 210 (operational capacity)
Year 10 240
Year 11 240

JMCC has a PAN of 240. However, the Year 7 and next year’s Year 8 have 6 tutor groups as it was not thought these year groups would achieve 180+ as an operational number. Year 8, next year’s Year 9 has 7 Tutor Groups as it was not thought this year group would achieve 210+ as an operational number.  The school does not have the resources to change Yr. 8 into 7 tutor groups or Year 9 into 8 tutor groups. To ensure the school can meet the needs of its existing pupils and limit further admissions into these year groups it is necessary to set an operational capacity number for the academic year 2024 -25 to 180 at Yr. 8 (current Yr. 7/Yr7) and 210 at Year 9 (current Year 8).

It was proposed and seconded that for the academic year 2024-25 the Yr. 8 and Yr. 9 have an operational capacity number set at 180 and 210 and for all other year groups PAN to remain the same at 240.

Upon being put to the vote all governors supported the motion and the motion was carried.

RESOLVED: that for the academic year 2024-25 the Yr. 8 and Yr. 9 have an operational capacity number set at 180 and 210 and for all other year groups PAN to remain the same at 240.

[Governor minutes 24th January 2024]