Pupil Premium

Judgemeadow receives additional funding for Pupil Premium students. The funds are used to narrow the achievement gap between Pupil Premium students and the general college population.

The Pupil Premium is extra funding the government gives to schools in order to support those students who:

    • Are currently claiming Free School Meals (FSM)
    • Have claimed free school meals at any time in the last six years (Ever 6)
    • Are ‘In Service’ by having parents who have served in the armed forces within the last 4 years
    • Are Looked After Children (LAC)

We use the funding at Judgemeadow in a wide variety of ways to help remove barriers to learning and ensure that each student participates fully in all aspects of college life and reaches his or her full potential.

At Judgemeadow, we recognise that every students’ needs are individual and for this reason, we have introduced the Pupil Premium Personal Grant. Each student is allocated a sum of £60 per year, which they may spend in a variety of ways in order to support their learning, buy equipment/uniform or to put towards an enrichment opportunity.  For further details of how to access the grant, please see the letter sent to the parents of Pupil Premium students in September.


Please find below the Pupil Premium Request form alongside a menu of suggested ways in which students could use the grant.

Pupil Premium Request Form


For any queries relating to Pupil Premium please contact:

Ms Mansfield (Non-teaching Pupil Premium Champion):

robyn.mansfield@judgemeadow.org.uk | Tel: 0116 241 1920 ext. #3059

Mrs Brown (Senior Leadership Team, Pupil Premium Lead):

sarah.brown@judgemeadow.org.uk | Tel: 0116 241 1920 


Please find below a review of our Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-20, which outlines and reviews how we used the funding last year.

PP review 2019-20


Please find below our Pupil Premium Strategy for 2020-21. However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we may need to be more flexible in our approach and adapt to circumstances as they arise.

PP strategy  2020-21

PP Mid year Review Summary


Additional quality assurance of the Strategy and provision for our Pupil Premium students is provided by the Lionheart Academy Trust who conduct a thorough review twice a year. Below is the October 2020 report

LAT Review of PP at Judgemeadow