Polished JM

At Judgemeadow, we believe in being POLISHED. Being ‘Polished’ is about being able to successfully present yourself to others. This combines: confidence, the ability to speak formally, finding your own voice and knowing how to behave appropriately in different situations.

Throughout Year 7 and 8 all pupils are expected to complete a soft skills passport called ‘Polished JM.’



Demonstrate through your school work or extracurricular activities that you believe in equality and acceptance of everyone and that you are kind to others



Be able to speak in front of others articulately and with confidence, projecting your voice and thinking about your audience



Be a leader at Judgemeadow e.g. an ambassador for the school, represent the school at an event such as parents’ evening, a conference or sports fixture



Demonstrate independence in your learning


show a love of reading

Demonstrate a love of reading of both fiction and non-fiction texts


help others

Raise money for charity within the school or community



Try out new experiences, do something you have never done before, push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself


demonstrate the judgemeadow ethos

Show you have the qualities and attributes of a Judgemeadow pupil, kindness, respect and a positive work ethic


join in

Take part in school activities and be part of a team with others


meeting deadlines

Complete work on time, bring the correct equipment, at all times look smart

Our ‘Polished JM’ programme helps pupils to develop these key skills, whilst providing challenge, boosting independence and encouraging the exploration of new ideas. Each letter of this programme represents a new skill for our pupils to learn or experience to take part in during their five years with us. Importantly, the criteria is achievable for every pupil, regardless of academic ability. Setting challenges outside of the classroom plays an integral part in the soft skills learnt.  By the end of Year 8, every pupil should have gathered the evidence they require to graduate from the programme and gain their ‘Polished JM Award’. They are then expected to continue to develop these soft skills throughout Years 9, 10 and 11 through their Careers electronic portfolio of skills and achievements.  Both the ‘Polished JM Award’ and the portfolio can be used as evidence for our pupils Post 16 applications, providing proof of skills desirable for Further Education agencies.

We ask for your support and encouragement and look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements in the first two years of their secondary school journey.

This forms part of the overall strategy in maintaining student's positive health and wellbeing of which information and resources can be found here