Collective Worship

Collective Worship

At Judgemeadow, we celebrate the wide diversity of faith choices represented here and seek to create an environment of mutual respect and understanding.


We feel that a daily collective act of Christian worship as required by law is inappropriate in this college. Consequently we apply, every 5 years, for SACRE (the Standard Advisory Committee for Religious Education) determination. This means that we do not have to provide Christian worship exclusively but can provide opportunities for reflection and celebration of all faiths and for those of no faith. This is our established practice.

Judgemeadow is recognised for its community cohesion and respect for people’s faith choices and we have been granted exemption from the rule on each application so far.

We are required to consult with parents about the proposed determination and offer this opportunity for parents and carers to express your opinion on our reapplication. Please contact us for any enquiries.




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