Bus Timetables

To catch a College bus at the end of the day, students leave the building by the student exits to the main walkway and join the appropriate queue to the bus they wish to catch.

A sweeper bus comes into College at 4.00pm to pick up students who stayed for extra curricular activities, or have been detained after school.

Please see below for full information and timetables, together with a map.


Judgemeadow Bus Timetables

Route and approx. times for JM1 (old 860)

Location Morning afternoon
St Saviours Road 07:40 15:40
East Park Road (St Saviours Road)    
East Park Road (Chesterfield Road)    
Evington Road (East Park Road) 07:50 15:25
Evington Road (Kedleston Road)    
Holmefield Road    
London Road 07:53 15:15
Highway Road (Broadway Road)    
Judgemeadow College  08:12 15:05

Route and approx. times for JM2 (old 878)

Spinney Hill Road/Forest Road 07:25 16:00
Hastings Road Fire Station    
Tailby Avenue/Wycombe Road 07:30 15:55
Tennis Court Drive    
Humberstone, Main Street 07:40 15:45
Netherhall Road    
Bowhill Drive/Thurncourt Road  07:50 15:40
Dudley Ave/Ocean Rd/Elmcroft Ave    
Colchester Road 07:55 15:30
Davenport Road    
St Paul’s School 08:10 15:20
Downing Drive (City of Leicester) 08:13  
Judgemeadow College 08:15 15:05

Route and approx. times for JM3 (old 883)

East Park Road 07:40  
Chesterfield Road – am only    
Evington Road (St Stephens Rd – pm only)   15:25
Evington Road (East Park Road) 07:57 15:20
Evington Road (Kedleston Road)    
Stoughton Drive North / Kingsway 08:00 15:15
Highway Road (Homeway Road)    
Judgemeadow College    08:12 15:05



period Price
Annual £415.00
Autumn Term £181.00
Spring Term £142.00
Summer Term £131.00

Available from the driver: Day Single £1.50 (no day return available)
10 - Trip Ticket £13.00