April 24, 2024

Culture Day 2024

Students and staff at Judgemeadow Community College recently lit up the school with their third annual ‘Culture Day’ extravaganza.

This student-led event is all about sharing and learning about the different cultures among our community. This year was the third time we’ve done it, and it was even better than before! 

Our school is diverse, with students and staff hailing from over 50 different countries, including Portugal, India, Bangladesh, and Algeria. 

During Culture Day, we got to taste delicious samosas, enjoy Dhol drumming performances, and even try our hand at Mehndi designs, which were expertly applied by our staff. Plus, there were workshops on drumming and dancing, which were so much fun. 

Students took the stage to show off their singing and dancing skills, with some students also giving presentations on their cultures. It was amazing to learn from each other and see what makes us all unique. 

The highlight of the day was the fashion show with students proudly waving their countries flags and showing off their traditional clothes. It felt like a big, colorful party! 

Saiful Chowdury, Team Leader at Judgemeadow Community College, thought it was amazing to see everyone enjoying themselves and learning from each other. 

“Culture Day is more than just a non uniform day—it's a chance for us to celebrate our differences and come together as one big family. Seeing our students so happy and proud of who they are is the best part.” 

Kath Kelly, CEO at Lionheart Educational Trust, said events like Culture Day are what make our school special. 

“These moments remind us that we're part of a diverse and vibrant community. By celebrating our cultures, we're showing respect and understanding for each other, which is what makes our school such a great place to be.” 

At Judgemeadow Community College, we believe in embracing our differences and learning from each other. Culture Day is just one way we celebrate what makes us unique and come together as one big family. 

Check out our photo gallery from the day below.