March 24, 2024

Inter-faith Iftar 2024

On March 21st, Judgemeadow Community College warmly welcomed 150 members of our community for an inspiring inter-faith Iftar event, held in honor of the sacred month of Ramadan. The event reflected our commitment to promoting unity and mutual respect within our diverse community

In our college's auditorium, speeches were shared by students and community members representing a diverse array of faiths including Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian. These reflections emphasised the importance of acceptance and nurturing harmonious relationships within our community. Following the speeches, attendees from various faith and community backgrounds, - including students, their families, school staff, and community members - came together to share in the traditions of Ramadan, enjoying meaningful conversations over a delicious spread of food. 

We are proud to showcase the voices of our students through a dedicated page on our website, which can be viewed here, offering a platform for their perspectives to be appreciated and celebrated. 

Reflecting on the event, Saiful Chowdhury, one of our Senior Leaders, expressed, "We were delighted to host this inter-faith Iftar event at Judgemeadow Community College. It was truly heartening to witness the unity and understanding among everyone present, reflecting the rich diversity of our student body and surrounding neighbourhoods." 

"We are incredibly proud of our students for their courage and openness in sharing their beliefs," added Mr Chowdhury. "Their voices serve as a reminder of the values we uphold as a school community." 

This event highlighted our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and valued. It demonstrated how open dialogue and cooperation can foster harmony and understanding within our community. 

Among the guests were representatives from Leicestershire Cares, Leicestershire Police, Buddhi Mental Health, St. Deny’s Church, the Brotherhood Legion, Gurdwara Sahib, the Dialogue Society, local Primary Schools, Lionheart Trustees, and the Police Crime Commissioner. 

We are deeply grateful for the generous support from our school, Lionheart Educational Trust, as well as from staff, families, and local businesses such as Dwntwn, Chaiiwalla, Gafbros, EasyDrive, and Ganis Catering, which made this event possible. 

We were delighted to be able to host the event and be part of such a special celebration to bring together people of all backgrounds. As well as bringing the community together to celebrate Ramadan, the event fundraised for the children of Gaza through Save the Children.