November 13, 2023

Eco Club Roadshow

Judgemeadow was very proud to host the ECO Club Roadshow. This is a joint initiative by Leicester City Council, Eco Schools and many different action groups such as Living Streets and Save the Soil.

We had children from local primary schools joining in the many different workshops of the day.

The workshops included:

• BeanMeals – Beantopia : Where’s My Bean Been?: Play the fun Beantopia board game and learn about different types of beans, where they come from, and how to make them into tasty healthy meals!

• Save the Soil – Why save soil? A fun and interactive workshop with questions, experiments and short clips exploring what is soil? why is soil amazing? why does soil need saving? what can we do to help save soil?

• Sustrans and Living Streets - Let's get travelling actively, working out solutions to the common barriers: Let's get travelling actively - working out solutions to the common barriers -In this session we will work out the main reasons which might stop pupils walking and cycling to school and how we can overcome them. The aim is for each school to have their own small project or ideas to take back with them.