Statement from the Principal

Welcome to Judgemeadow Community College! We are part of the Lionheart Academies Trust, a Leicestershire-based Multi Academies Trust steeped in traditions of academic excellence and holistic development. We have a long and proud history of serving a diverse, multicultural community in Leicester City.

At Judgemeadow, we are committed to the powerful culture of equality of opportunity. We want to see our pupils flourish into independent, resilient and mature young people who are kind, organised and work hard to reach their full potential. We achieve this through five core principles:

  • Being kind and helping others
  • Respecting each other
  • Being organised and disciplined
  • Working hard
  • Being proud of who you are

These values are designed to ensure behaviour at Judgemeadow is exemplary. Through exacting these excellent standards, we have created a vibrant, engaging and caring community where everyone is equal.

At Judgemeadow, learning is a challenging and stimulating experience; one that successfully prepares pupils for future study and the world of work. We believe in the powerful culture of a knowledge engaged curriculum: where the core subjects are designed to build on the skills and interests developed at KS2, creating the perfect foundation for GCSE and beyond. Beyond education, we offer a wide-range of extra-curricular opportunities to further enrich our pupils’ experience.

We believe that respect, kindness, exemplary behaviour and a strong work ethic is what makes the Judgemeadow pupil so special. Please take the time to explore our prospectus.