Welcome to our Year 7 Virtual Open Evening!

COVID-19 Lockdown

Following the Government announcement, please note that our school is now closed to all pupils except vulnerable pupils and children of Key Workers.  All parents/carers have been sent an email with details on how you can access our Key Worker care.

A warm welcome to Judgemeadow Community College, a proud and diverse secondary school situated in the heart of Leicester City. Committed to the powerful culture of equality of opportunity, we want to see our pupils flourish in to resilient young adults who are kind, organised and work hard to reach their full potential.

We're so excited to e-meet you - and, although we're disappointed that we haven't been able to greet you in person, along with hundreds of other families that usually attend our Open Evening - we're determined to leave you feeling just as excited, refreshed, and inspired at the prospect of enrolling at Judgemeadow.

At our Virtual Open Evening, you'll be able to "stroll" through our corridors in our Virtual Tour, hear from our Principal and students, learn about the Lionheart Trust and our coveted curriculum, and browse our digital prospectus - all from the comfort of your own home!

In difficult times, when many of you aren't able to attend Judgemeadow in person, it was important to us that we delivered Judgemeadow to you.

Therefore, we hope that as you navigate this page, you get a true feel for Judgemeadow Community College and everything it represents - as if you were right here with us.


A Welcome from our Principal, Jason Smith, and Student Ambassadors

Meet our Principal and Student Ambassadors as they discuss our vision, ethos and what it truly means to be part of the Judgemeadow community.


A Curriculum Overview, led by our Subject Directors and Curriculum Leads

As part of the Lionheart Academies Trust, we focus on the key tenets of Academic Excellence and Holistic Development with a commitment to social mobility and equity for all.

Our curriculum ensures that by the time children begin Key Stage 4 they have a secure knowledge and understanding of essential and challenging vocabulary, concepts and procedures as well as pertinent people, places and events. This is so that all our children, including those less privileged, have access to the curriculum content they need to succeed academically and in life. We have carefully selected curriculum content to ensure depth and breadth of what is being taught.

Our curriculum goes beyond what is assessed and is not designed just to push through mark scheme hoops: we believe that academic excellence is achieved through a curriculum that facilitates comprehension across subjects, encourages independent thought and creativity. It is precisely through our curriculum then, that we encourage our learners to be reciprocal, resilient, reflective and resourceful and develop as confident life-long learners.


The English Curriculum

From Classics to Victorian Literature, explore our KS3 English curriculum and beyond with our Director of English, Anna Hunt.

The Mathematics Curriculum

Maths underpins all that we see and do in the world. Explore our KS3 Mathematics curriculum and beyond with our Director of Mathematics, Tim Dolan.

The Science Curriculum

From the basic building blocks of human life to our extensive solar system, explore our KS3 Science curriculum and beyond with our Director of Science, Dr Sean Durran.

The Computing Curriculum

Do you know the six core principles of Computer Science? Algorithms, Programming, Data, Hardware and Processing, Information Technology and Communications and Networks. Explore our KS3 Computer Science curriculum and beyond with our Director of Computing, Tom Fitzjohn.

The History Curriculum

How much do you know about Leicester’s rich history? From the Roman Conquests to the Black Death, explore our KS3 History curriculum and beyond with our Curriculum Lead of History, Steve Reynard.

The Geography Curriculum

We’re creating passionate Geographers, unafraid to question the world around them. Explore our KS3 Geography curriculum and beyond with our Curriculum Lead of Geography, Tim Hackett.

The Physical Education Curriculum

We believe that PE plays a vital role in the physical, mental, social and emotional development of your child. Explore our KS3 PE curriculum and beyond with our Curriculum Lead of PE, Rebecca Ardley.

Take a Tour, guided by our Head of Year 7

It's time to take a stroll through our corridors and go "site" seeing with our Head of Year 7, Saiful Chowdhury. At Judgemeadow, we boast wide, open spaces and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that your child is always inspired by their surroundings.


Judgemeadow, in 3D!

And if our tour wasn’t enough, you can conduct your very own in 3D! Walk among our corridors as if you were there yourself. Will you start with our astounding auditorium? How about our delightful dining area? The choice is yours!

Start your 3D tour here!

SEND and EAL at Judgemeadow

Judgemeadow prides itself in its relentless commitment to providing equal opportunities for all. We strongly believe that every child, no matter their background and circumstantial differences, has an equal right to an equal education. Hear from our SEND and EAL coordinators in the videos below.

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Provision

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Provision


Academic Excellence, Holistic Development and Pastoral Support at Judgemeadow

At Judgemeadow, we aim to develop the whole child. Our core focus on academic excellence in literacy, holistic development and pastoral support ensures that every student leaves our care with the personal, social and communication skills needed to thrive. We’ve put together some short videos that explain each of these characteristics; please take the time to watch them below.

Short Videos
Welcome to Judgemeadow
All About Judgemeadow 
Effective Learning Strategies 
Support at Judgemeadow
Being Judgemeadow
The Judgemeadow Curriculum

Browse our Digital Prospectus

Our brand new 2020/2021 prospectus details everything you need to know to get Judgemeadow-ready, in just 36 pages. Check out our timetables, learn about our admissions process and read about our vision, right in the palm of your hand!

You can download it here.


Important Information
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