Transition from Primary School

We aim to ensure that the transition from Primary school to Secondary school is a positive experience for both pupils and parents/carers.

The transition process begins soon into Year 6 when we invite you to our Open Evening; here, you may explore our facilities, curriculum and enrichment opportunities, hear from our Principal and Head of Year 7 and meet current staff and pupils. Applications must be made to Leicester City Council Admissions Department by the end of October. At the beginning of March, pupils will receive news of their allocated school. It is then that our designated transition team begins the transition process.


Primary School Visit

We aim to visit every future Judgemeadow pupil at their primary school to boost familiarity, discuss the transition process and answer questions put forward by both pupils and teachers. During these visits, Primary Visit Forms are completed: these forms provide us with important information that we take in to account when creating form groups and choosing suitable tutors. For the transition team, this is the most informative aspect of the transition process.


SEN workshop

As we approach the end of the Summer term, our Support for Learning Team invite all pupils with Special Educational Needs to a half-day workshop. Here, pupils will meet teaching assistants and support staff who will be working with them during their time at Judgemeadow.


Welcome 3,2,1

A major concern for some pupils at the point of transition is that they know very few other pupils, or, in some cases, none at all. To combat the anxiety surrounding these concerns, we invite all pupils joining us as one of 3 or 2 students, or as the only student, from their primary school to a half-day team building workshop. This will cover 'getting to know each other' exercises and help us place pupils together in form groups.



In July, we invite parents/carers of future pupils to meet with their child's new tutor, have the college systems explained and any concerns addressed


Intake Day

Towards the end of the Summer Term, we invite all Year 6 pupils who hold a place at Judgemeadow to our Year 7 intake day. We use this time to introduce pupils to their form tutor and fellow tutees, to tour facilities, to experience sample lessons and to complete a simple literacy test. By the end of the day pupils will have gained insight into life at Judgemeadow and look forward to joining us in September.

 Please be aware that the above strategies are aimed at reducing anxiety and promoting a positive transition from primary to secondary education. If you have any questions regarding our transition process, please contact the college reception who will put you in touch with our transition team: they will do their upmost to answer any concerns raised.