We Want your boots

COVID Update

Following on from rising Covid rates the Government has asked that face masks be reintroduced in all secondary schools for students and staff in communal areas. This is a sensible way to help keep students, staff and our wider community safe from Covid this winter.

Therefore, with immediate effect, we are requesting that all students (except those with a medical exemption) wear a face mask when travelling on school transport, in communal spaces and when queueing indoors for food.
Please remember to continue to perform a lateral flow test twice weekly.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our local communities healthy and safe.

Join us in recycling old boots

Join our mission to rehome at least one million pairs of quality football boots across the UK, to get them back out on the pitch and stop them ending up in landfill. That’s the same carbon reduction as taking 120,000 cars off the road for a year!

June 17, 2021

If you’ve got boots that you’re not using, or you’ve outgrown, help us to get them back in action. You’ll make someone’s day, whilst saving the planet. Rehoming your boots couldn't be easier! So, how can you get involved?

Request an environmentally
friendly Freepost bag from
footballrebooted.co.uk to send us your
pre-played football boots (or astro boots!).


Alternatively, drop boots off at one of Utilita’s high street Energy Hubs.
Visit utilita.co.uk/energy-hub to find your nearest Energy Hub
We’ll then redistribute the boots to grassroots clubs across the United Kingdom at our dedicated claim stations - we’ll even have pre-played boots from professional players!

You can also bring them to the Judgemeadow Main Office and we will ensure they get donated

How to prepare your boots: FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS


Request an environmentally-friendly Freepost bag from footballrebooted.co.uk.
Fill in the request form and we’ll send you a Freepost bag - big enough to fit two pairs of boots in!
Give your boots a clean
Check the label – Most modern boots can be machine washed. If not the entire boot, removable innersoles can be added to your next wash
For non-machine washable boots, immerse the boot in hot soapy water and use an old toothbrush to give the seams and detailing a refresh.
Once washed, pop the boots and innersoles (still separated) into a pillow case and put them on a spin-only cycle in the washing machine to remove excess water.
Natural drying is best for all types of boots. Don’t use artificial heat such as a tumble dryer, hair dryer or heaters or radiators - it could damage or reduce the life of the boots
When they’re dry, pop your boots into the bag!
Put your boots inside the bag and include your name and the size of the boots you are donating
Fold over the top and apply the Freepost sticker clearly in the middle of the bag. Make sure the bag is secure.
Take your boots to your local Post Office
Just drop off your bag at your local Post Office. They’ll scan the Freepost label and send it back to us - for free!
Alternatively, once you’ve cleaned your boots, just drop them off at one of our high street Energy Hubs!
Visit utilita.co.uk/energy-hub to find your nearest Energy Hub.
You can also tale your boots to the Judgemeadow Main Office and we will ensure they get donated