Student recollections from their recent trip to Barcelona

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August 17, 2018

On the 17th of June, myself and 20 other students from both Year 8 and 9 travelled to Spain, in a small town of Calella. We travelled to Barcelona and I just have one thing to say: WOW!   Barcelona is the most gorgeous city that I have ever experienced. It is packed with beautiful buildings which display the most extravagant architecture. Buildings tops are bejewelled with sparkling slates; balcony railings are shaped like foaming whales; colourful tiles arranged   beautifully. Most of these masterpieces are credited to the great Gaudi who also created the Sagrada Familia – now that was amazing! Barcelona isn’t just a beautiful city, it’s also a fun one. We also visited a waterpark for the day which was awesome. Overall, I absolutely LOVED this trip to Barcelona and am absolutely devastated that it is over. Take me back Barcelona!

Aisha Quadery 8mLPE


In my opinion, the trip was amazing. The culture and climate of Spain differs greatly to England. My favourite bit was the Waterpark as it cooled us down on the hot day. The scenery was also incredibly breath-taking.

Ameera Lambat 8jNLA


I have really enjoyed the trip to Barcelona. The teachers were also great. My arm got swollen because of a mosquito bite. They were very supportive and were helping me in any way   possible so I recover. My favourite thing about Barcelona was the waterpark because they were lots of fun things to do. I also enjoyed playing on the beach as it was different to playing in your garden or outside.

Ravi Godhania 9mTMA


In all the places I have travelled to, Barcelona has by far been the best without any doubt. The scenic mountainous beauty and the amazing architectural master pieces of Gaudi have left me feeling that I have never seen art before. The tasty fresh fruits and mouth-watering  juices of Las Ramblas’ Boquería market have left my taste buds asking for more. But the best part was yet to come… The waterpark. Every furiously fast slide made my stomach buzz with a thrilling sensation. In all honesty, I didn’t want to come home.

By Hafsa Kalim 8mLPE