We aim to develop talented mathematicians with excellent problem solving skills. Our teaching aims to promote understanding and enthusiasm with general and topic based maths.

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We are a very successful department with a record of outstanding results.



There are 9 specialised classrooms in the department, with practical and interesting displays. Each has a ceiling mounted projector, an interactive whiteboard and ample storage space. We have two bookable laptop trolleys, 2 digital visualisers and 2 class interactive learning kits. Our students are encouraged in the use of relevant IT resources including the 'MyMaths' website and some key IT packages, used in graphing and transformations. Mathematics is taught in groups set by ability, with schemes of work facilitating ease of movement between groups if required.


Key Stage Three

Students in Years 7 and 8 learn according to a detailed scheme of work designed to follow an ability related 'flightpath' to ensure maximum progress, regardless of their starting point. The work over these two years is designed to thoroughly prepare students for their GCSE course. Class sets for lower ability pupils are kept as small as possible to maximise support.
Since the changes to the maths curriculum over the last few years, students now start the GCSE course in Year 9.



Our GCSE students follow the new specification AQA linear course, module code 8300. The current Year 11 cohort (those taking final exams in summer 2017) will be the first to be awarded a number grade from 1-9, in June 2017, with '9' being the highest achievable grade. Due to the added content and rigour, under which the new courses and exams are have been developed, the highest grade will be more challenging than achieving an A* on the current system. The Judgemeadow maths staff will continue to develop and progress our students' learning, to remain as one of the best performing schools in the city.



We have an excellent staff team who are very committed to ensuring that students have as much help and support as possible. Staff in the department offer after-school revision classes to Year 11 students once a week. We also offer a Maths Study Club, after school once a week, for students in other year groups to receive additional help with homework and classwork. In addition, we run revision sessions for Year 11 students over the Easter holiday.


Independent Learning

Independent Learning has a considerable impact on the progress of our students. Students are set homework by their teachers on a regular basis. Set work is a mixture of worksheets, online based homework tasks and revision/preparation for assessments.

The maths department has a subscription to the website

The students all have their own unique login and password to site, where they can access and complete tasks which have been set by the class teacher. 

All key stage 3 students have been set ‘booster pack’ activities relevant to their current ability, which will help them to progress towards their target levels.  Teachers are able to track their progress through the task results. Please note these tasks are optional and in addition to regular homework, but we would recommend that students who are keen to make good progress, work through the tasks in their own time, using the online lessons and guidance.


Key Stage 4 Topic Lists

These documents list the topics of study, including grades, for Years 9, 10 and 11.


Recommended GCSE Revision Resources

MathsWatch DVD ROM discs

The MathsWatch disc works as one of the best Maths revision aids on the market today:

    • It revises every single 1-9 topic just like a teacher would, at the board, using over 240 animated clips
    • The producers of the disc are all highly experienced practising teachers
    • It contains over 300 worksheets along with answers
    • Some topics have two separate clips because they can be taught in two different ways
    • Almost every clip has real exam questions for students to do - because we all know that to be good at Maths, a student has to do it, not just watch it.

The discs are available for £4.00 each from the Maths Department and are available to schools only.


CGP revision guides and workbooks

The new revision guides for the latest 'Grade 9-1' AQA GCSE Maths course are available for either the Foundation or Higher tiers. They are packed with concise, student-friendly explanations of every topic, backed up with plenty of step-by-step examples, plus grade information (on the 9-1 scale) to show the difficulty level of each topic. There are also exam-style questions on almost every page, with answers included at the back. Also, a unique code is printed in the book that gives you access to the FREE Online Edition of the whole book on your PC, Mac or tablet. From here, you can also view/print full step-by-step answers to all the exam style questions!
These guides are available from the Maths Department, priced at £2.50 each.
Please note this is a 50% saving on the RRP.