We aim to develop students’ confidence and competence to use the language effectively, both verbally and in writing, for the purpose of practical communication.

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We also aim to offer insights into the culture of the countries where the language is spoken and to encourage positive attitudes to speakers of other languages.



We offer 10 specialised classrooms. Each classroom has a ceiling mounted projector, an interactive whiteboard and storage space and offices for language teachers and admin assistants.



Judgemeadow was designated a Specialist Language College in September 1999. We therefore still continue to offer languages for all. At Key Stage Three, all students in Years 7 and 8 learn French. Students are taught in mixed-ability Tutor Groups in Year 7 and in ability groups in Year 8.

KS3: French, Spanish

Year 7 Autumn Term

Topic Overview
The basics to include grammar: articles & nouns
  • Phonics, alphablet and accents, classroom objects and instructions
Introducing yourself
  • Greetings, names, where you live
Numbers and dates
  • Birthdays, age
  • Nationalities

Year 7 Spring Term

Topic Overview
Describing the family
  • Family members and physical as well as character descriptions
Describing animals and pets at home
  • Names, types, descriptions
  • Possesion and negatives, adjective rules. Opinions and justifications

Year 7 Summer Term

Topic Overview
Hobbies and sports
  • Activities with present tense, what/when/where/who with
  • Discussing likes and dislikes
  • Types, activities with weather
  • Present tense verbs and near future

Year 8 Autumn Term

Topic Overview
  • Describing facilities and opinions
  • Describing routine, telling the time
  • discussing timetables
School - describing studies
  • School subjects and justified opinions as well as abilities
  • Describing teachers. Superlative and comparisons
School - describing rules
  • Rules, modal verbs and opinions
  • Clohting and uniform - pros and cons
Grammar - revise present tense and introduce basic conditional tenses
  • Ideal school

Year 8 Spring Term

Topic Overview
Food and drink
  • Types of meals, food and drink
  • What to eat and drink with where and when
  • Likes and dislikes
Eating out and shopping
  • Role plays in restaurants and shops
  • Quantities and prices
  • Introduction to past

Year 8 Summer Term

Topic Overview
Healthy lifestyles: eating, exercise, routine
  • Revision of sports, food and drink
  • How to stay healthy
Healthy lifestyles: illness and body parts
  • Explaining problems, how long for
Healthy lifestyles: issues
  • Drinking, drugs, being healthy, giving advice
  • The future and conditional, connective verbs

Year 9 Autumn Term

Topic Overview
Festivals and celebrations
  • Present tense revision
  • Various festivals in TL areas (French and Spanish speaking around the world)
  • Revising food and drink

Year 9 Spring Term

Topic Overview
Festivals and celebrations
  • Clothes and fashion
  • Shopping for clothes and presents
Holidays - the past
  • Introduction to the past tense
  • Where/when/how long/with who

Year 9 Summer Term



Holidays - in the past and future
  • Weather, activity, opinions
  • All tenses revision

KS4 Year 10: French, Spanish, Gujurati, German, Panjabi








Year 10 Autumn Term

Topic Overview
Theme 1: Identity and culture
  • Me, my family & relationships, descriptions, opinions, activities
  • Marriage and future plans, recap festivals
  • Friends, activities

Year 10 Spring Term

Topic Overview
Theme 1: Identity & culture - Leisure activity
  • Leisure time (eating out, cinema, TV, reading, music
  • Leisure time - sport
  • Technology - mobile & social media

Year 10 Summer term

Topic Overview
Theme 2: Local, national, international & global areas of interest
  • Describing hometown and local area
  • Environmental issues

Year 11 Autumn term



Theme 3: Current and future study and employment
  • School and school life with routine
  • Job types, future careers
  • work experience, part time jobs

Year 11 Spring term



Theme 2: Local, national, international & global areas of interest
  • Health
  • Charity work, poverty
  • Holidays, travel & tourism revision
  • Preparing for speaking exams

Year 11 Summer term



Revision and exams practice
  • Speaking exams preparation
  • Second mock exam for listening, reading and writing
  • Exams skills and topic revision, past papers work