Design Technology

In Design Technology we aim to develop creative thinkers and confident creators. Our teaching engages pupils in practical projects that require problem solving and imagination.

We look to future technology and trends for inspiration when delivering projects and maintain links with industry to stay up-to-date.



We have 6 specialist classrooms and workshops. Two Food Technology rooms, two Workshops and a Textiles and Graphics classroom. In all rooms there is space for both practical and theory work. We also have a CAD/CAM suite with a laser cutter and router available for student use. There is a large break out space and laptops which can be used in any of the classrooms.




In Year 9 students can opt to start their two year GCSE in Design Technology or Food Preparation and Nutrition, or they can choose to take a Creative one year course in these subjects and opt for the GCSE course over Year 10 and Year 11.


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For Key Stage Three students we run a Tuesday afterschool club in the workshop, developing making skills.

STEM Ambassador

Ex-student Sabina Tayub who is now a Civil Engineer and a STEM ambassador has returned to Judgemeadow to run the Innovators’ Club.

Design Technology Staff

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Head of Department: Zoe Eaves