Physical Education

We support pupils’ health and fitness by providing opportunities to excel in competitive sport and activity

Physical Education knowledge based skills curricular


Section 1: Intent and Vision -Principles at Key Stage 3

“For all to experience outstanding Physical Education (PE), Physical Activity and School Sport that will lead to lifelong participation. To provide an outstanding academic route through GCSE and Cambridge National. To continue to be at the forefront of teaching and learning to maximise every student’s potential in the subject.”


threshold properties
Physical Developing physical literacy and movement of the body
Healthy Choosing healthy behaviours and attitudes
Social Developing teamwork, cooperation and leadership
Thinking Making effective decision and evaluations
Personal Controlling emotions, behaviours and developing self-esteem

A physically educated young person are those that ensure that habitual physical activities make a distinctive contribution to their wider flourishing in life. Judgemeadow Community College provides a broad and balanced P.E and sport curricular that promotes joyous and holistic opportunities for young people to develop knowledge, skills and character that promotes a lifelong passion of physical activities, health and wellbeing. With this philosophy come an increased participation and engagement in competitive sport.

Judgemeadow Community College has a high quality physical education knowledge based curriculum that inspires and gives opportunities for all students to succeed and excel in competitive sport and physically demanding activities. The curriculum provides a range of activities that allows students to learn a broad range of life skills such as communication, collaboration and competition.

We provide opportunities for all learners to become physically confident in a way, which supports our students' wellbeing and fitness by engaging in various activities that encourage independent learning. Skills developed through the 6 RS in lessons can also help to build character, metacognition and embed values such as fairness, teamwork, resilience and respect.

The P.E curriculum at Judgemeadow enables students to develop an understanding of how to improve in many different physical activities and encourages students to evaluate, reflect, analyse and recognise their own, and others successes. We ensure that expert practitioners ensure that all sport is fun, inclusive and where all students are valued and are successful.

Inclusive department – PE for all

Inclusion club – Jo Rowe

PP & SEN champions – RSL & NJE

Success at GCSE & CNAT for PP & SEN pupils – leading across the school

Differentiated resources, duel coding, sentence starters, PEEL Paragraphs, Key words on whiteboards, Tiered words, scaffolded exam Q’s & coursework.

A Wellbeing programme that ensures that students are reflective by interleaving a homework Fitness passport to enhance knowledge, skills and health promotion of our students at Judgemeadow. 


During the first 2 year of P.E in Judgemeadow the students will complete, a Health and wellbeing SOW along with a fitness passport to promote positive wellbeing as well as improving levels of literacy across our subject both in and out of school, using reading and tiered words to support student’s homework. Students will develop in a range of different sports using key knowledge and skills that can be transferred across sports and essential skills such as effective communication collaboration and kindness through common moral values that are made explicit in our SOW and learning objectives. Students will:

    • Use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games
    • Develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports
    • Perform dances using advanced dance techniques in a range of dance styles and forms
    • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges and be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group


Impact is assessed via student voice interviews, Department and LAT reviews, Book monitoring, Learning Walks and scrutiny of student work and knowledge organisers. The standardisation of coursework with other team members.

Students will be assessed using:

    • Formative Assessment knowledge Checkpoints
    • Peer, Group, Summative end of Term.
    • Use of knowledge organisers and stating facts questions

All sports are alternated through all groups providing students the opportunity to compete in a variety of activities and link sports skills throughout all 5 years of their P.E experience at Judgemeadow within core P.E lessons. We ensure that all sports are interleaved with theory concepts monthly linked to GCSE and Cambridge Nationals Sports Studies. Within the department we try to also tailor the curriculum based upon student voice feedback, so girls will be based indoors during the colder months at KS4 and we also will include alternative sports and invite in local sports coaches and sporting role models to inspire our student to enjoy not endure sport and P.E.

Within the KS4 GCSE P.E we link the first year’s theoretical concepts to the basics learnt in KS3 with core knowledge based lessons. For our Sports Studies we again link theoretical concept to the basics learnt in KS3 with core lessons such as Sport and the Media and Leadership within sport.

The importance of Health and well-being has become more apparent in the current climate, that pupils need a deep understanding of why they need to be fit & healthy and how they can make small changes to their lifestyles to achieve it. To be able to build a stronger immune system to fight off illnesses and disease is massively important at the moment, and is something the department has implemented within our teaching, through our scheme of work for the first half term, alongside our fitness passports to support homework and home learning. Over the next year, pupil’s health will be at the forefront of our teaching practice. Our policies and procedures have been adapted during the ongoing pandemic and we will continue to tread theory content into every sport on our curriculum map.

Well-being ambassadors represent the department on a whole school level. Well-being is now at the forefront of PDC Curriculum to demonstrate the importance of physical and mental well-being. It also contributes to the school priority of attendance and making sure children are not ill and attending school on a regular basis. Our fitness passport included knowledge of fitness & well-being, for example Diet & nutrition, mental wellbeing, muscles & bones, and healthy, active lifestyles.


Section 2: Connectedness (linking and co-ordinating)

Aspects of subject knowledge that are required from year 7 and through to year 11 are specific sports that are played competitively locally to encourage the competition levels required at GCSE. At key stage 3 P.E we have a focus on vocabulary in sports and students are encouraged to use sport specific vocabulary in their weekly homework knowledge organiser. They are also asked to complete theoretical tasks in their organiser and Sam Learning that will enhance their knowledge and skills around sports and GCSE and Sports Studies.

Fitness, Health and Wellbeing (GCSE SOW)
Handball (GCSE SOW)
Football (GCSE SOW)
Table Tennis (GCSE SOW)
Warm up and Cool Downs (GCSE SOW)
Components of Fitness (GCSE SOW)
Skeletal- -Respiratory – Muscular systems
and how they work (GCSE SOW)
Diet and Nutrition (GCSE SOW)
Leadership in Sport Cambridge Nationals
Sport and the Media influences Cambridge Nationals
Short/Long Term effects of exercise on
the body (GCSE SOW)
Movement Analysis (GCSE SOW)
Sports Psychology (GCSE SOW
Commercialisation in sport
(GCSE SOW/ Cambridge Nationals)

Every student has the opportunity to uptake leadership opportunities within lessons and when we host sporting festivals through our specialist Inclusive sport, leadership and primary link sports specialist. All students and staff have access to a broad offer of physical activities during lunchtimes and afterschool within or sport and wellbeing programmes. We as a P.E department have received recognition from the school games Platinum Award for high rates of participation through competition and leadership within our school and community. All students are expected to complete homework in the form of fitness passports and knowledge organisers that access students learning as well as P.E specialist ensuring that high quality first teaching experience for ALL students using AFL opportunities throughout the lesson to ensure accelerated progress for all with a knowledge based skills curriculum where skills are transferable including those key essential skills that are embedded in our Assessment framework.

SOW that are challenging more advanced skill performed with, consistency, precision, control and accuracy.

KS4 Participation and ensuring that all students are physically active through fun and enjoyable activities that have some options for students to choose so that they take a responsibility for being healthy and active both in school and whilst at home.


Section 3: five year impact

“Judgemeadow P.E department recognise that the knowledge, skills attitudes, traits and values that are so sought by employers, parents, such as discipline, organisation, resilience, respect, integrity, curiosity, resourcefulness and so on, Character Education not only open doors to employment and social opportunities but also to underpin academic success and young people’s happiness and wellbeing."

Character education’ (the development of a growth mind-set, key skills, learning dispositions, the 6Rs) are the most important priorities that will enable students to achieve and be lifelong learners within a student’s 5 year journey within P.E.

Our KS3 curriculum is designed to ensure that students explore sports and theoretical knowledge linked to the Sporting specifications that are taught in year 9 and 10.


Section 4: Implementation – Teaching and Learning

The PE Department look to further embed the ‘Effective Learning Strategies’ into the curriculum. Schemes of work are inter-leaved with different topics to help student’s link new knowledge to prior knowledge, in order for them to make sense of new information by reference to what they already know. Teachers make conscious attempts to reduce the cognitive overload of students. Explanations and instructions look to be concise, using fewer words as possible. In addition, resources and slides have limited expositional text, using visuals whilst complementing them with spoken descriptions. Furthermore, a central feature of effective teaching is the process of enabling students to develop their knowledge and understanding of concepts and processes and apply their learning to a range of topics. Explaining and modelling are vital element of teacher’s repertoire of techniques. Teachers look to use the ‘Worked Examples and Backward Fading’ model to give students to confidence to complete tasks independently. Shared practice – Shared practice & resources to ensure consistency in our teaching across the department so that all pupils receive the best possible teaching regardless of what group they are in, or what teacher they have.


curriculum overview

Autumn Term Spring/Summer Term Metacognition in PE

Sport England: Active Lives Children Survey Academic Year 19-20 report

Sport England: Active Lives Children Survey Academic Year 19-20 Coronavirus report


We offer an extensive range of extracurricular clubs and activities. All of our students at Judgemeadow are encouraged to attend and participate in either a performing, leading or officiating role. We have representative teams in football, cricket, table tennis, badminton, basketball, rugby, rounder’s and athletics. We have specialist coaches working with the college staff during some of these clubs and team sessions. The College has been awarded the ‘Football Associations Charter Standard’ and ‘Badminton England’s Premier School Status’.



We offer specialised teaching areas across our curriculum. These include indoor facilities, like our new four badminton court sports hall, dance studio/gymnasium and a fitness room. We have a huge amount of outdoor space covering 65 acres, also the Football Foundation funded 3G rubber crumb football pitch alongside the multi use games area.



Students are very strongly advised NOT TO bring valuable items to school on days when they have P.E. as we do not have facilities for safe storage. Whilst every effort is made by the PE staff to maintain tight security, the PE Faculty cannot guarantee this at all times and therefore cannot be liable for the loss of any valuables e.g. mobile telephones, wallets etc



Students are required to wear appropriate PE kit in colours as below – please note that grey is not considered PE kit and fashion leggings are not considered appropriate (any student wearing fashion leggings or grey joggers/tops will be asked to change into spare kit).

It is the policy of Judgemeadow Community College PE department that students should bring their PE kit to all PE lessons, regardless of whether they are physically taking part or not.

The reasons for this are that the programme of study for Physical Education at KS4 requires students to take up different roles and responsibilities including leadership, coaching and officiating. Students should also be able to evaluate and offer suggestions for improvements in other performers. Therefore, our policy is that all students bring PE kit to every PE lesson.

If your son/daughter is unable physically to take part in the lesson, they are required to bring a note with a contact phone number and signed by a parent or guardian (person with parental responsibility). They are required to do this for every lesson missed. If there is a prolonged illness or injury, then students must provide a medical note. If students fail to bring kit, they will be provided with clean spare kit.


PE Kit

Boys Girls
  • Judgemeadow RED t-shirt
  • Judgemeadow training top
  • PLAIN BLACK tracksuit bottoms or BLACK shorts or WHITE shorts
  • Trainers (A different pair from those worn commuting to college)
  • Football boots (Football/Rugby/Hockey)
  • Judgemeadow RED t-shirt
  • Judgemeadow BLACK jumper
  • PLAIN BLACK tracksuit bottoms or BLACK shorts or BLACK leggings
  • Trainers (A different pair from those worn commuting to college)
  • Football boots (Football/Rugby/Hockey)

These items should be purchased from The Schoolwear Centre, Charles Street, Leicester or their online service who stock the approved items.


NOTE: All students are required to wear football boots when on the Football Foundation. This DOES NOT include AstroTurf trainers.

We advise that students should wear base layers, hats and gloves during the cold weather.

In addition, we* strongly recommend that students wear studded footwear and shin pads for activities on the playing fields/Football Foundation areas, and that a gum shield is worn when playing rugby or hockey.
(*These items are strongly recommended by the National Governing Body of the relevant sports and endorsed as safe practice by the AfPE.)

During the summer term, the boys will wear all white kit, the girls red shorts or leggings and a white top. 

All items of clothing must be labelled with the student’s name. Should it be lost, the property, when found, can easily be returned. Unclaimed, un-named property will be passed to a charity shop after one week.

LeicesterShire & Rutland Sport

LRS School Fixtures is the one-stop shop for competitive school sport across Leicester-Shire, Leicester City & Rutland. 

It aims to give every young person in every school the opportunity to compete in a variety of school sport competitions, via appropriate locally scheduled leagues and one off events, which in many cases feed through to county finals and beyond. 

On the LRS School Fixtures website you can:

    • explore sports taking place and find local club information
    • view school profile pages
    • check out upcoming fixtures
    • look at the latest results, and competition league tables
    • find out if your school has won a competition and are going through to a Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games’ final
    • find out about the latest school sport news and upcoming events

To visit the website, click here.


Contact Information

Head of Physical Education Department

Leanne Taylor