Work Experience

Work Experience

Here at Judgemeadow we place a great deal of importance on ensuring that our Year 11 students get the most out of their placement during the Autumn Term.


We work in partnership with the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) to support our young people in getting the best opportunity possible to help them learn about an area of work they are interested in. 

Our Year 10 students decide what area of industry they are keen to learn more about so that we can organise an appropriate placement for them. Whilst LEBC has a vast range of partner organisations with whom we work, we actively encourage our students to find a Self Placement so as to ensure that they work exactly where they want. 

With nearly 250 students in the year group, competition for placements can be pretty fierce so it may take a student a number of requests before they are successful. We would therefore suggest that students start approaching potential employers as soon as possible. 

For those students who do not find a Self Placement, LEBC will do their best to ensure that they are given a place in line within their specified first or second choice area of work and travel capabilities. Every student is required to provide a first and second choice as part of the application process even if they intend to take up a Self-Placement as this provides us with important information about preferences should we encounter any unforeseen problems with the Self-Placement employment. 

It is also vitally important that student preferences regarding employment and travel are realistic as each placement comes at a cost to the college of £52. If a placement is allocated in line with a student’s preferences and is subsequently cancelled or rearranged, this fee will be passed onto the student to reimburse our expense. 

For further information please contact our Work Experience Co-ordinator, Mr Styles.