Personal Development Curriculum

Personal Development Curriculum

We aim to ensure that students are well equipped with the wider skills and qualities to give them a good understanding of the next steps they need to take to be successful in the future.



At Judgemeadow we deliver an holistic curriculum for life.

The key aims of our PDC are to support pupils to become responsible, confident, healthy, and tolerant young adults who are prepared for life and work in an ever changing world. 

We promote our ethos, that at Judgemeadow we believe in:

  • Being Kind and helping other
  • Respecting each other
  • Being organised and disciplined
  • Working hard



Many pupils at Judgemeadow lead restricted lives with a limited understanding around some important issues, for example relationships and diversity. There can also often be limited opportunities for them to gain cultural capital and exposure to the wider world. They face specific local threats such as radicalisation and there is a definite need to promote Fundamental Values. Our PDC curriculum, linked to our assembly programme, is a response to the needs of our cohort and part of our intent to produce responsible, confident and tolerant young people equipped to succeed and compete in the communities of the future. 

NCS is the UK’s biggest personal development programme for teenagers. It is open to 15-17 year-olds and we are currently recruiting for this year’s summer and autumn programmes in schools across Leicestershire.

Each week is designed to develop different skills and champion social mobility. From leadership, project managing and team work, to building confidence or developing independence - NCS is beneficial for all! The programme involves a wide range of exciting activities; Archery, raft building, zip-lining, rock-climbing and many more. For future entrepreneurs and chefs, there are challenges such as a Dragon’s Den and a Come Dine with Me experience that take place during the week living away at University (with staff supervision of course!). NCS is a chance to give back to the community and make a positive impact whilst being recognised nationally by UCAS, employers and universities.

In England and Northern Ireland over 500,000 young people have taken part and over 12,000,000 hours of community action have been completed. This means that for every £1 spent, NCS’ summer programme in 2016 delivered up to £2.42 back to society!  Last year, NCS had 1,360 teenagers from Leicestershire take part in summer 2018, managing to raise over £50,000 for the community, as well as providing hands- on support to many local organisations.

It costs participants just £50 or less to take part in NCS and bursaries are available on a case by case basis. Support is provided for young people with additional needs.






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