Personal Development Curriculum

We aim to ensure that students are well equipped with the wider skills and qualities to give them a good understanding of the next steps they need to take to be successful in the future.


At Judgemeadow we deliver a holistic curriculum for life.

The key aims of our PDC are to support pupils to become responsible, confident, healthy, and tolerant young adults who are prepared for life and work in an ever changing world.

We promote our ethos, that at Judgemeadow we believe in:


    • Being Kind and helping other
    • Respecting each other
    • Being organised and disciplined
    • Working hard



PDC education is a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work in modern Britain. Evidence shows that student engagement in PDC lessons have an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Many pupils at Judgemeadow lead restricted lives with a limited understanding around some important issues, for example relationships and diversity. There can also often be limited opportunities for them to gain cultural capital and exposure to the wider world. They face specific local threats such as radicalisation and there is a definite need to promote Fundamental Values. Our PDC curriculum is a response to the needs of our cohort and part of our intent to produce responsible, confident and tolerant young people equipped to succeed and compete in the communities of the future.

Students have one PDC lesson every two weeks. For PDC students are provided with a bespoke booklet for each year (which can be viewed by clicking on the relevant links below). The PDC curriculum encompasses areas of learning around key topics such as careers education, health education and relationships and sex education. Following the new government statutory guidelines on Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSE) that come into force from September 2020 we have ensured that the PDC curriculum at Judgemeadow Community College fits the needs of the new statutory guidelines.


Year 7 PDC

Year 8 PDC

Year 9 PDC

Year 10 PDC


Year 11 PDC

PDC Overview

week lesson Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
07 Sept 1

Mental wellbeing:

personal qualities

Mental Wellbeing:

Appearance ideals

Managing changing



Self esteem

21 Sept 2

Mental wellbeing:

healthy coping strategies

Body image: media messages

Mental wellbeing

Healthy coping strategies

Mental wellbeing PS16
05 Oct 3

What is CEIAG /

Skills and Qualities

Basic first aid Gang culture and risk Healthy relationships PS16
26 Oct 4 Skills and Qualities Personal safety Achieving a work / life balance Equality Act: protected characteristics PS16
09 Nov 5 Unifrog / Cascaid Making choices: careers The importance of sleep Understanding and preventing extremism

Mental wellbeing:

healthy coping strategies

23 Nov 6 Anti-bullying Anti-bullying Anti-bullying Anti-bullying Anti-bullying
07 Dec 7 A balanced diet Making choices 2 Dangers of smoking Extremism 2 Planning your revision
04 Jan 8

E-Safety / Media /

Body Image and Health

Options - assembly Drug use Cults Managing unwanted attention
18 Jan 9 Protecting your online presence Options Personal Budgeting Drug Use Consent
01 Feb 10 Polished Polished Apprenticeships County lines Forced marriage
22 Feb 11 Cybercrime Employability skills Labour market information Types of families Monitoring your own health
08 Mar 12 Effects of Cybercrime Valuing difference Options assembly Ready for parenthood Domestic abuse
22 Mar 13 Legal and Illegal substances Online safety Managing conflict Unplanned pregnancy Community cohesion
19 Apr 14 Puberty Drug awareness Exploitation in relationships Fertility Carrying weapons
03 May 15 Physical health Alcohol dependency Challenging stereotypes Gender stereotypes Sexual health
17 May 16 Dental hygiene and basic first aid Coping with loss Challenging homophobia Sharing sexual images Pornography
07 Jun 17 Friendship and romantic relationships Positive relationships Healthy relationships Writing a CV Exams
21 Jun 18 FGM Levels of intimacy Consent Making a successful transition Exams
05 Jul 19 Families Contraception Sexual health and unplanned pregnancy Overcoming setbacks Exams