Throughout Yr7 and Yr8 all students are expected to complete a soft skills passport called ‘Introducing.’

The idea behind this initiative is to help develop all our students into confident, well-rounded and thoughtful members of the school and wider community. During the many different parts of the programme, students will develop a variety of skills and attributes and undertake a wide variety of experiences.

Each letter of Introducing represents a new skill or experience for our students.



Be organised and bring all the correct equipment


Numeracy challenge

Complete 30 My Maths tasks or regularly complete 5 a day


Travel with school

Be involved and attend a school trip or a residential



Take out and read 20 books from Learning Resource Centre



Play a major role in a presentation to a group more than 20 people. Speak to a large audience during an assembly or after school event



Produce a poster campaign, newspaper report, article or the
newsletter or a mind map or cue cards to support for revision


Up - Move up the pyramid of awesomeness

‘It’s who I am’ – ‘I want to have a great future’



Raise money within school or community. Generate donations for a charity. Do a sponsored activity e.g. silence, walk or run



Be an ambassador for the school – represent the school at an event e.g. Parents Evening, Open Evening or sports fixture. Feature in the local or national press or other media as a Judgemeadow student


New experiences

Try out new extra curricular experiences e.g. attend clubs, attend after school sporting activities or join a sporting team


Global citizen

acceptance - tolerance - respect – equality. Demonstrate through your schoolwork or extra-curricular activities, that you have a sense of equality for everyone in the world regardless of race, religion or creed

Setting students challenges outside of the classroom is an integral part of this process. Our aim is to push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to try new things. Importantly, all the criteria of the ‘introducing’ programme is achievable for all students regardless of their academic ability.

By the end of Year 8 every child should have gathered the evidence they require to graduate from the programme and gain their ‘Introducing Passport.’

We ask for your support and encouragement and look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements in the first two years of their secondary school journey.