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gatsby benchmarks

Careers guidance, alongside academic achievement is one of the keys to social mobility.  Children & young people will naturally look to parents and carers for advice but schools have a key role to play in broadening horizons, removing stereotypes and preparing students for the world of work.  All Careers Education Information & Guidance in schools (CEIAG) in schools in England is required to follow the English Government’s Careers Strategy.

The framework within this strategy is the Gatsby Benchmarks and schools are required to meet all of these to be judged to have a successful careers and guidance programme.  These are monitored by the Careers & Enterprise Company who also offer support and some funding.  We also have support from the local enterprise partnership, Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) and are linked to a local business partner who acts as an Enterprise Advisor and works with us on building networks with local employers as well as colleges and universities.

Success is also measured by linking the destinations data of students to their schools and colleges for 3 years after leaving.

The Gatsby Benchmarks are below and further down the development plan for Judgemeadow to meet them.

    • A stable careers programme
    • Learning from career and labour market information
    • Addressing the needs of each student
    • Linking curriculum learning to careers
    • Encounters with employers and employees
    • Experiences of the workplaces
    • Encounters with further and higher education
    • Personal guidance

Unifrog is the careers platform we use at Judgemeadow.  All students have their own account giving them access to information about different career sectors, progression paths, university courses and much more.

Their username is their school email address and they will have set up their own password. 

Throughout their time at Judgemeadow they will be set various activities through this site helping them to build their knowledge and understanding of options for the future.

They are also invited to record their achievements and participation throughout their time at Judgemeadow enabling them to quickly write their personal statement and prepare for interview when they are in year 11.

All Form Tutors have their own account through which they have access to their tutees accounts and can see if they have completed tasks, added information etc.  They can also switch to the Student Side use it in discussion with students, either individually or as a group showing details about Careers, Universities or how studying a particular subject is important if students have a particular career goal in mind.

By recording and updating their career interests we are able to send students links or invite them to events that will be of particular interest to them

This programme is used across the school enables students to build the essential skills needed alongside academic qualifications to ensure success in their future.  We currently use it linked to our POLISHED programme.

All staff have their own accounts and can access all the resources available enabling them to help students identify these skills as they use them in lessons and to develop them further throughout their time at Judgemeadow. 

We are currently emphasising AIM HIGH & STAYING POSITIVE with displays in all classrooms and some corridors.  There also activates as part of PDC & in registration

Being able to demonstrate these skills and give examples of when they have used them at interview brings our students on to a level playing field with those who have had a private education and helps them be successful at getting into college, university, apprenticeships & employment. For more information go to the Skills Builder Home Page

The website Maths Why Bother?  is a new and growing set of 50 - 90 second videos showing how particular maths topics are used in a variety of careers. This is a resource that will meet Gatsby Benchmark 4 (linking careers to the curriculum).