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your childs career journey at judgemeadow

Year 7 ---> Year 8 ---> Year 9 ---> Year 10 ---> Year 11

Introduced to careers education, skills & qualities

Given a Unifrog account

Start to understand essential skills

Choose 2 GCSE subjects

Introduced to personal budgeting

How to use labour market information

Learn how towrite a CV

Take part in mock interviews

Apply for & complete work experience

Receive 1-1 guidance

Write personal statements

Make college applications

Year 7

Students discover what Careers Education & Guidance is about. They start to look at the differences between skills and qualities, recognise those they already have, how to develop them further and how to gain more.  They are introduced to and given accounts for our Careers Platform Unifrog. They take part in an Enterprise Challenge helping them to start to understand how a business works.

Year 8

Students review their learning on skills & qualities.  They consider which of these are the essential skills needed to ensure they are successful in their life and work choices.  They consider how to make sensible choices when deciding on their GCSE options.  They will have an options assembly to explain the pathways and introduce subject options, there also events where each department introduces their subject & GCSE content. Guidance and support is available during the choosing of options. They take part in the Grant Thornton Enterprise Project, gaining essential skills whilst raising funds to help entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Year 9

Students look at personal budgeting, how they are taxed and the salaries needed for particular lifestyles.  We also introduce the concept of work-life balance How to understand Labour Market Information and what a modern Apprenticeship is are also explored.  Having chosen two GCSE options in year 8 they begin these courses completing their exams at the end of year 10. During the spring term they will choice their final GCSE option which they will compete with the core subjects at the end of year 11. They take part in a Speed Networking event allowing them to meet a number of employers from different sectors asking questions about what they do and what qualifications & skills are needed in their roles.

Year 10

Students learn what is and how to write a CV.  Work experience takes place during the summer term and the application and placement process starts during the autumn.  Students are encouraged to find their own placement but offered options if this is not possible. They take part in a mock interview event, all having a formal interview with a local business volunteer preparing them for both work experience & college interviews

Year 11

Students consider their post 16 choices. They must decide between:

    • College; A-Level, T-Level, BTEC, Vocational Course
    • Training; Apprenticeship, Traineeship, Supported internship
    • Full-time employment with part-time study; e.g. joining the Army

In the Autumn term there is a Careers Evening to help inform student decisions.  Colleges also hold Open Days/Evenings, we encourage them to visit as many of these as possible to help them make decisions. They all have the opportunity of a 1-1 guidance interview and are given support in writing personal statements. Applications are made using and this process is explained at the beginning of the year


careers in Stem


For more information on careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) please use this link to see how you can help your child move into these fields


Career talks and opportunities

Please note the upcoming events that provide insights and information about various career paths. Keep coming back as events are added.

Event Date Event Information

Years 7 – 11 Digital Mental Health Careers Talk

February 2022

The University of Leicester will be hosting two live Mental Health Careers Talks for students in Years 7 to 13, where they will have the opportunity to find out about the range of exciting careers in the sector including psychiatry and mental health nursing. The talks will take place virtually on MS Teams on: Tuesday 8th February, 5:15-6pm and Thursday 10th February, 5:15-6pm

Students can join the live talks here:

Year 7 – 9 Virtual Medicine Calling Healthcare Careers Evening

Thursday 10th March (17:00 – 19:30)

Do you have students who are interested in finding out more about the exciting and rewarding careers in medicine and healthcare? Or do you have students who are not sure what they want to do in the future but want a career that is exciting, varied and where every day is different? At this virtual event, students will hear from a breadth of healthcare professionals about what it is like working in the NHS, as well as take part in two interactive workshops to discover more about what a career in healthcare entails.

To apply​, students will need to complete an online application form with a parent or carer present. Applications close: Thursday 3rd March 2022. We would also appreciate it if you could encourage any male applicants to apply, as engagement from this group nationally for healthcare related events have been low over the past few years.

Year 10 and 11 Physics Work Experience

June and July 2022 

We are offering local students from Years 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to spend a week in the Schools of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester. During the week students will help out with a variety of projects, have the opportunity to operate the Solar telescope and talk to current university students.

For more information, please visit the webpage here. 

To apply students in Years 10 and 11 will need to complete the online form here. Students under the age of 16 years will need permission from a parent or carer to take part.

At Judgemeadow we use the careers platform Unifrog.  All students have their own account giving them access to information about different career sectors, progression paths, university courses and much more.

Throughout their time at Judgemeadow they will be set various activities through this site helping them to build their knowledge and understanding of options for the future.

They are also invited to record their achievements and participation throughout their time at Judgemeadow enabling them to quickly write their personal statement and prepare for interview when they are in year 11.

By recording and updating their career interests we are able to send them links or invite them to events that will be of particular interest to them.

This programme that is used across the school enables students to build the essential skills needed alongside academic qualifications to ensure success in their future.

Under eight headings we help students to develop and understand these skills enabling them to demonstrate at interview and be successful at getting into college, university, apprenticeships & employment. This happens as a mixture of actual lessons or activities but also as part of all lessons