Exam Results 2017

Class of 2017

Well done to the Class of 2017 and a huge thank you to the teachers and parents/carers who supported them throughout their time at Judgemeadow.

Judgemeadow is proud to announce another set of excellent Summer results.  Please be aware that these are provisional until the DfE release final scores following checks and remarks in January.  Local authority and national averages have been provided for comparison.


Progress 8 score

JMCC -0.02

Leicester city Average -0.04

National Average -0.02


Attainment 8 score

JMCC 46.67

Leicester city Average 42.84

National Average 46.53


Students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) in English and Maths

Judgemeadow:  40%

Leicester City average:  36%

National average: 43%


Students achieving the EBacc

Judgemeadow: 19%

Leicester City average: 12.70 %

National averagee: 16.70%



Students staying in education or employment

Judgemeadow: 96%

Leicester City average: 91%

National average: 94%


For further comparisons to individual schools or authorities, please visit the site below: